Using Docker – First Steps

Welcome back! In this post I will cover my experience going over chapter 3 “First Steps” from the book “Using Docker” by Adrian Mouat published by O’REILLY. It is a fact that when you read a technical book you will not be able to learn as much as if you spend the time in front of a computer experimenting and making mistakes.

In this post I will cover some of my experimentation with the concepts presented in the third chapter of the book. If you are reading this post, I strongly recommend reading the third chapter, then experiment with the concepts and finally go over this post. You never know which things you might have missed to understand by only reading. Continue reading “Using Docker – First Steps”

Using Docker – Installation

If you follow me on Twitter (@john_canessa) you have noticed that in the past couple months or so I have been posting tweets regarding articles in Medium. The site is geared to creating posts which you could do using your own web site (e.g., The beauty is that many talented individuals in different fields are posting there. The site organizes them by categories and presents the articles indicating the estimated reading time. One of these days I will probably start posting there. Continue reading “Using Docker – Installation”