Serialize and Deserialize BST

Good morning! I am back. A couple weeks ago I have a selective / optional procedure on my left knee. Once I decided to get it done I was not able to do so due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After two years it is done. I will not go into more details at this time. I need to get my right knee done in the next couple months. This whole thing started a few years ago with some incidents involving a car and later riding a motorcycle. Due to the fact that I will be having the same procedure in my right knee I decided not to get details from the surgeon or Google. After all is said and done I will get more details. That said, I chose the surgeon and facility by asking friends. That was a very good idea.

On a separate note, last week I read “Five things I have learned after solving 500 LeetCode questions” by Federico Mannucci. He is a Software Engineer in Italy, who loves traveling and cooking. Apparently we share some professional and personal interests. Continue reading “Serialize and Deserialize BST”