Corner Detection

It is a summer Saturday morning in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota. The temperature will go up to 87F. Around 10:00 AM, before it gets too hot, my wife and I will go out for a leisure walk of 10 miles. Last night I had a hard time sleeping so hopefully the mild exercise will help this evening.

In this post we continue to watch the PluralSight course Building Image Processing Applications Using scikit-image by Janani Ravi. She uses a Jupyter notebook. In this post we will use VSCode with GitHub Copilot. I should disclose that I am a Microsoft employee and have been using VSCode for a few years. When possible I like to follow the KISS principle so I prefer to use the minimum number of IDEs that support all the programming languages I wish to use. Why complicate life using as many IDEs as one can find and never become proficient on all of them. Continue reading “Corner Detection”

Daisy Descriptors

In this post I will experiment with the DAISY descriptors. Please note that one of the simplest approaches is to alter parameters in the different functions and observe the results. In addition you should look up the functions in the scikit-image to get a better understanding of the function and arguments e.g., skimage.feature.daisy.

The motivation for this post is the PluralSight course by Janani Ravi. She uses the Jupyter notebook in the course. We will use the VSCode IDE with GitHub Copilot. This helps experiment with the code. At this point I would like to disclose that I am a Microsoft employee and use the VSCode IDE with GitHub Copilot extension. Have been using VSCode for a few years. In the past few months I started using GitHub Copilot. Continue reading “Daisy Descriptors”

Block Views and Pooling Operations

In this post we will continue reading and experimenting with the contents of the PluralSight course “Building Image Processing Applications Using scikit-image” by Janani Ravi.

Please note that the course uses the Jupyter notebook to hold the code and results. In this post we will write modified code using the VSCode IDE and a Python script using GitHub Copilot. I would like to disclose that I am a Microsoft employee and have been using VSCode and Python for several years. Continue reading “Block Views and Pooling Operations”

Data Oriented Programming – DOP

A couple weeks ago I attended the one-hour webinar “Reduce System Complexity with Data-Oriented Programming” from the ACM. I have been a member of the ACM for a long time and enjoy their webinars, magazine, and access to on-line courses. At this time they offer access to PluralSight which happens to also be offered at work.

The following comes from the invitation to the ACM webinar:


Complexity is one of the main difficulties in the development of successful software systems. Modern programming languages and frameworks make it easy to develop and deploy our code quickly, but as the code base grows, complexity makes it challenging to add new features. Continue reading “Data Oriented Programming – DOP”