Design Unique ID Generator in Distributed Systems

In this post I will not be solving a problem, instead I will be talking about something I learned by reading chapter 7 Design a Unique ID Generator in Distributed Systems in the book System Design Interview by Alex Wu.

The idea of a unique ID is a requirement in most distributed systems. In my case, some years ago I was developing a storage server and needed to name the objects of different types and sizes a client might wish to store and of course, at some later point in time, retrieve. The idea of a file system path did not make sense because it would be nearly impossible to keep the same immutable configuration among many distributed systems with a huge capacity. Continue reading “Design Unique ID Generator in Distributed Systems”

Database Sharding

Good day software developers and engineers. Today is Wednesday and it seems it is going to be a sunny day in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Hope the weather cooperates in your neck of the woods.

I continue to read and experiment with the contents presented in the on-line course Introduction to Python Fundamentals: Lesson 02 by Paul Deitel published by Pearson Education, Inc. As a matter of fact, tomorrow I will start with lesson 03. So far I am pleased to be reviewing and learning new things during the process. Continue reading “Database Sharding”

Running MySQL on Windows 10

In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to be spending some time experimenting with MongoDB. So why would I be dealing with MySQL at this time? Good question! The reason for it is that I want to store, among different things, Java objects in MongoDB. I am interested in comparing how the same Java object may be stored and retrieved using a SQL and a NoSQL databases. I could have used a different SQL database (e.g., SQL Server), but decided on MySQL. It happens that I have a few databases installed on my Windows 10 computer. With that out of the way; let’s experiment with MySQL. Continue reading “Running MySQL on Windows 10”