LeetCode 872. Leaf-Similar Trees in Java

In this post we will be solving LeetCode 872. Leaf-Similar Trees. As usual, if interested, please visit the LeetCode site and read the current version of the problem to make sure all is well before you start developing code.

Consider all the leaves of a binary tree, 
from left to right order, 
the values of those leaves form a leaf value sequence.

Two binary trees are considered leaf-similar if their leaf value sequence is the same.

Return true if and only if the two given trees with head nodes root1 and root2 are leaf-similar.


o The number of nodes in each tree will be in the range [1, 200].
o Both of the given trees will have values in the range [0, 200].

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We are given two binary trees. We need to determine if the sequence of leaf nodes match or not. Seems like an in-order tree traversal problem. We could populate a list with the leaf nodes of the first tree and repeat with the nodes of the second tree. Our answer will be based on the contents of both lists. Continue reading “LeetCode 872. Leaf-Similar Trees in Java”