LeetCode 681. Next Closest Time in Java

In this post we will solve LeetCode 681. Next Closest Time problem using the Java programming language, the VSCode IDE on a Windows computer. Please note that the computer platform and the IDE should make no difference. One of the simplest ways to solve the problem is to use the online IDE provided by LeetCode.

Given a time represented in the format "HH:MM", 
form the next closest time by reusing the current digits. 
There is no limit on how many times a digit can be reused.

You may assume the given input string is always valid. 
For example, "01:34", "12:09" are all valid. 
"1:34", "12:9" are all invalid.


* time.length == 5
* time is a valid time in the form "HH:MM".
o 0 <= HH < 24
o 0 <= MM < 60

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We are given a string with a time expressed in 24-hour format. By reusing the digits as many times as needed, we need to form the next closest time. Continue reading “LeetCode 681. Next Closest Time in Java”