Remove the Nth Node From End of List

Happy Friday! It is a typical fall Friday in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. When I woke up this morning the outside temperature was 38F. The forecasted high for the day is 56F. Tomorrow the forecasted high temperature will be 67F. Will check with my wife if we will grill outside. Not too many grilling days left this year.

Earlier today I read the article Big whales eat 3 times as much as previously thought, which means killing them for food and blubber is even more harmful to the environment by Marianne Guenot. I also read a different article on the same subject titled The Enormous Hole That Whaling Left Behind by Ed Yong. Both articles are in agreement with the research and published papers. As humans, the idea of fertilizing the waters in specific areas seems to be a good thing to do now that the amounts of iron to use have been accurately estimated. Perhaps in the next few decades the oceans will see whales in the numbers they existed 60 years ago. Continue reading “Remove the Nth Node From End of List”