Flatten a Linked List in Java

This morning I read the article Kode Vicious Kabin Fever on Viewpoints in the latest copy of the Communications magazine from the ACM. I enjoyed reading the article. All of the points with the only exception to exercise, due to winter and the COVID-19 pandemic, with very few additions, are what I have been doing for over a decade. If you have time and are able to access the article, it contains good advice and it can be read in a few minutes.

Most problems in this blog come from companies such as HackerRank or LeetCode just to mention a few. In this case, the problem came up while chatting with a software engineer. I have developed the requirements as accurate as I can recall. I will be using the Java programming language on a Windows 10 machine using the VSCode IDE. Of course you can generate a solution in a different platform using a different IDE. Continue reading “Flatten a Linked List in Java”