JUnit Example


UPDATE – I received a separate email message from a fellow software developer. He is interested in providing a text file and creating a new test method to process it. The idea is to provide a text file with the number of triangles to test followed by the triangle sides and associated type so we would be able to test them all at once. This new test was NOT part of the initial HackerRank challenge.

UPDATE – I received an email message from a fellow software developer. Went back (about three years) and located the code for this post in one of my older work-spaces. I updated the format of the post so it is easier to follow. I also added the code to my GitHub repository (see below).

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After the post on unit testing I received a request to produce and explain sample code using JUnit. This is what I came up after searching the web using Google. I decided to use Eclipse for this example. Continue reading “JUnit Example”