Concurrent Skip List Map

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It is so hard to find real news not politically opinionated. For example, I ran into an article that discussed the AztraZeneca vaccine trial in the UK. Apparently there have been two cases in which people that received the vaccine got severely ill. In both cases the trial stopped until further investigation. In both cases it was determined that the issue was not associated with the vaccine. The trials continued in the UK. Continue reading “Concurrent Skip List Map”

Hash Table

Why would one implement a hash table? When needed, software developers use existing classes which exhibit the properties of a hash table. For example, one might use a List or Dictionary class. That said; the user should fully understand the need and concept of a raw hash table.

A hash table is typically considered when the application requires random access speeds, the domain of values is large and an array would be sparse (most entices unused). The concept is to use some type of function that would allow quickly computing an index in a smaller array to store and looking up the element. Ideally the function would be uniform. That reduces collisions (multiple objects go into the same entry). A way to deal with that is to implement an overflow mechanism allowing multiple buckets Continue reading “Hash Table”