Corner Detection

It is a summer Saturday morning in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota. The temperature will go up to 87F. Around 10:00 AM, before it gets too hot, my wife and I will go out for a leisure walk of 10 miles. Last night I had a hard time sleeping so hopefully the mild exercise will help this evening.

In this post we continue to watch the PluralSight course Building Image Processing Applications Using scikit-image by Janani Ravi. She uses a Jupyter notebook. In this post we will use VSCode with GitHub Copilot. I should disclose that I am a Microsoft employee and have been using VSCode for a few years. When possible I like to follow the KISS principle so I prefer to use the minimum number of IDEs that support all the programming languages I wish to use. Why complicate life using as many IDEs as one can find and never become proficient on all of them. Continue reading “Corner Detection”