Count Triplets

Good evening! It is a nice Tuesday evening in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. My work day is coming to an end and if possible would like to finish and publish this post. Let’s see how it goes.

The days are getting shorter as times goes by. One thing and the other and my wife and I decided to skip the midday walk today. Tomorrow is going to be quite busy for me. We should get back on our routine on Thursday.

I did not have enough time to finish this post yesterday so I will do so today!!!

Very early this morning I read an article in LinkedIn stating that Julio Velarde has accepted the position of Chairman of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru for a fourth 5-year term. I know Julio since we were kids while attending K-12 in the same class. After graduating from school each took separate directions. Julio went back to Peru after studying abroad and has been very successful at what he does. Julio, my best wishes in your current position!!!

On a separate note, I received and read an email message which reminded of my childhood and my mother drinking percolated coffee in the afternoons. She would start the process and will get the first drops of coffee out of the pot and after adding to it very hot water she would enjoy her coffee. We used to call it `ink` because it was a very dark cup of java. Continue reading “Count Triplets”