Wildcard Matching

It has been a few days since my last post. Busy with work and family items. The weather in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul has been quite pleasant. The temperature has been at or slightly above average. On the other hand precipitation seems to be below average. Hopefully this pattern will not disrupt farmer’s production.

I had selected a couple articles for brief discussion in this post. I did not bookmark one of them and I am having a hard time finding it. In a nutshell the articled had to do with Pfizer, their COVID-19 vaccine and India being able to mass-produce it. In the USA we have the concept of a patent. It is a great idea that helps the rightful owner of an idea to freely market and sell their invention for a period of time. If not mistaken the period is seven years. I fully agree with such concept. It is fair and invention needs to be rewarded to motivate progress.

Like any other subject, there are always two sides to the same coin. Biden has proposed to ban all COVID-19 patents to help the world win the battle against it. Good for public relations, but would such approach work? My opinion is no. In the USA alone there are about 30% of the people that have and will refuse a COVID-19 vaccine. That said, we will not achieve herd immunity. I have relatives and friends in different countries. Some are very interested in getting a vaccine. Some have traveled to the USA at a high expense, spent a month here, and received the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Some have no desire in getting vaccinated at all. The main reasons are the lack of effectiveness (most vaccines provide 100% protection) and side effects (you can possibly get ill after receiving the vaccine). Not sure how effective is the Pfizer vaccine, but it is not 100%. Regarding the side effects, the COVID-19 vaccines administered in the USA seem to not cause side effects. You cannot say the same for the two Chinese vaccines with are about 70% effective and have shown a large number of people getting very ill with side effects. Hopefully the numbers are rapidly improving with time.

I received a link to the post “18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine” by Christian Elliot. Some of the points are hard to ignore and our government should act on them. On the other side big Pharma lawyers and lobbyist will make change hard to achieve.

BTW, my wife and I have received the two Pfizer doses. The same holds true for the family of one of our sons. The other is still thinking about it.

The other news that called my interest comes from Yale University. The article “DODD: Sit down, be humble” by Ethan Dodd. Perhaps the article is too political, but politics seem to be something we are all familiar with.

What called my attention was the acceptance that no one has all the answers. That is especially true at work. People have different backgrounds and experiences. That is what diversity means to me. Color of skin, religious believes, and gender as examples, is not what makes people diverse. We are diverse because of our unique experiences. Of course, as the article states, pretending you have all the answers is not beneficial in any company, relationship or society. Keep that in mind the next time you are working on a project. Continue reading “Wildcard Matching”

Add Two Numbers – Revisited

It is Wednesday morning in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The temperature should go up to 60F. The forecast for this Saturday calls for 80F. It seems that Saturday will be a great day for grilling some steaks. Our freezers at home are currently full with chicken and pork. The mix changes during the short summer months when we tend to favor beef. My wife suggested for us to stop by Costco in Minneapolis Saturday to see which beef cuts are available. We ill just get enough for the day. Continue reading “Add Two Numbers – Revisited”

String to Integer – Revisited

It is another gloomy day in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. So far is has been raining on and off. The temperature has risen to the mid to upper 50’s. We are still in April so not much to complaint about yet.

I am working on a set of problems at LeetCode. Some I have already solved while others not. In the case of LeetCode 8 String to Integer (atoi) I had solved it as you can see here.

At the time the answer was good enough so I left it there. Since I am giving myself a second chance, I decided to work on a third implementation of the required function. Continue reading “String to Integer – Revisited”

Single Number

It is a Monday. Things are going well for me; hope the same for you.

I decided to tackle the next problem in a list at LeetCode. The problem is LeetCode 136 Single Number. Not sure if problems change with time so if interested please visit the LeetCode site and get the requirements directly from them. Continue reading “Single Number”

Producer and Consumer – Part 4

We are quickly approaching the end of another work week. In the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul it appears that most businesses are back to normal. The only exception is that many office workers are still working from home and people is required to wear a mask when in public spaces. Most people that want to be vaccinated against COVID-19 have done so. We need to get most (never generalize) people to comply in order to achieve herd immunity.

This is the fourth installment of the sequence of posts related to a producer and consumer connected via TCP/IP. In this post we will not add functionality to the producer or consumer. We will explore some functions and methods that we have at our disposal when encrypting and decrypting files using the Advanced Encryption Standard. Continue reading “Producer and Consumer – Part 4”

Producer and Consumer – Part 3

It is Friday once again. The cleaning crew is at home. I have been listening to the vacuum for a few hours. They should be done shortly.

I have to get a COVID-19 test this afternoon. On Monday I will be having a procedure and the clinic requires a COVID test in the past 72 hours no matter if you have already received the complete doze of a vaccine. I was going to get this procedure done a couple years ago, but with some travelling plans and then COVID did not have an opportunity to get it done.

Today I suggested to my wife if we could have Asian from Trader Joe’s for lunch. She suggested noodles with an Italian sauce we fixed last week. We were able to fill five one-pint containers and put them in the outside freezer. The sauce turned out very good. We made it last Saturday when my wife’s brother and wife had lunch with us. We used a few pounds of chuck and Italian pureed tomatoes. Hopefully the cleaning crew will leave soon so we can have an early lunch. Continue reading “Producer and Consumer – Part 3”

Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array in Java

Good day. Hope you are doing well. Seems like many companies, businesses and schools are starting to plan on how to conduct business after the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA. It seems like we are getting closer to be able to return to a new normal. I believe that use of masks in public will be required until we achieve herd immunity in different locations. Hope the same is happening in your neck of the woods. Continue reading “Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array in Java”

Letter Combinations of a Phone Number

Today is somewhat colder than yesterday in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It seems that we weekend will be quite a bit warmer than the rest of the week. This Sunday is Easter. It should be a nice day if you celebrate the holiday.

Earlier my wife went to get her hair done. Last week she got it cut for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started. It is amazing how the past year or so have gone by. Continue reading “Letter Combinations of a Phone Number”

Producer and Consumer – Part 2

Yesterday the temperature in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul reached 72F which is quite pleasant for this time of the year. Today we are expecting 42F for a high. That is a drop of 30F! At least the day is forecasted to be sunny.

I also received a message from Gleves48061@hotmail.com regarding my post Revenue Milestones in Java. Not sure what it was all about so I will not comment on it at this time. If I could get an updated comment, I will review and reply as needed. Thanks. Continue reading “Producer and Consumer – Part 2”

Two Sum – Revisited

It is a very nice sunny day in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Today is March 29, 2021 and the high for the day is going to be around 70F. My wife and I talked about grilling chicken for lunch but it is a work day and the process of grilling, eating and cleaning might take a couple hours. That is fine on a holiday.

I decided to attempt to solve all problems in a section of LeetCode. It seems that several problems that I have solved before fall into this collection. I will take a problem from each category a day. Perhaps on weekends I will look at two. Continue reading “Two Sum – Revisited”