Fruit Order in Cart in Java

In this post we will try to define some requirements and then solve the problem. I briefly saw this problem and was not able to get all the details. If it does not make much sense you could specify a variant and go on and solve it.

In this problem we are given a list of offer items and cart items.
The cart items are provided in the order the customer put them in the shopping cart.
The offer items are a list of list of items that must be put into the cart in the order specified.

I guess there could be different versions of the requirements,
but in our case, 
we need to make sure that all items in all the item lists are placed in the cart in the specified order.

Perhaps it would be more reasonable to get an additional discount if 
a set of items are placed in a specified order in the shopping cart,
or better yet,
if each set of items ends in the shopping cart the customer could receive additional offers.

We need to return true if all items are placed in the shopping cart in the specified order;
otherwise we return false.

o 1 <= number of items <= 100
o 0 <= number of offers <= 100
o The string `anything` in the offers indicates 
  that the correspoinding item in the shopping cart should be ignored.

The requirements call for having two lists available. In one is a set of offers that require all the specified items to be placed (not just be found) into the cart in the order specified by the offer item. Not only that, but all items must be placed in the cart in the order specified by all offers. That is how we will proceed. Continue reading “Fruit Order in Cart in Java”