Least Recently Used Cache – Java

It is a gloomy Sunday in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The current temperature is 23F. The forecast calls for snow. Looks like a perfect day to stay home and enjoy some good food and watch a couple movies. It is a thoughtful wishing, but at 09:15 AM my wife and I will be heading to Trader Joe’s in St. Paul to get some veggies and bread. Yesterday we made strawberry ice cream. My son requested a few servings for his family. We will be delivering it later this morning. Hopefully the roads will not be too slippery. Continue reading “Least Recently Used Cache – Java”

Coin Change

Hope you are doing well and keeping safe! Last evening my wife and I, after stopping a movie we were watching on Netflix, went to bed. It was still snowing on and off. We were both very tired. Today when we were having breakfast, we noticed that the driveway and path to our door had been cleared of snow. We did not hear a thing. That confirms we were really tired last evening.

One of my best friends (have two sent me the link to the article “Top Universities Took Billions in Unreported Foreign Funds, U.S. Finds”, by the Wall Street Journal. The article is quite interesting. It shows how China is gifting money (there are no free lunches) to top USA learning institutions (mostly Ivy League universities) in order to take / steal intellectual property, allowing China to avoid developing technologies at much higher costs. This was discovered due to the fact that those same institutions have been forgetting to pay the associated gift / donation taxes. Shame on you Cornell University! Continue reading “Coin Change”