Sort the Matrix Diagonally in Java

Good morning. It is Sunday again. I woke up around 05:00 AM and the outside temperature was -17 F. We are finally experiencing cold winter days in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. An added bonus for football fans is that today is Super Bowl LV. My wife and I are not sports fans. We like to bike and walk and occasionally scuba dive. Up to a couple years ago we would watch the half time show. We so not watch TV any more. Perhaps we will find the half time show on YouTube. Continue reading “Sort the Matrix Diagonally in Java”

Binary Tree Level Order Traversal in Java

Good evening. Hope you are doing well. As I mentioned in the prior post, yesterday I attended a webinar and was able to watch a software engineer in a mock interview solve two programming problems. This post deals with the second problem. My approach is different to the one used by the developer on the webinar. If you follow this blog, you should have looked at the code that I have written to handle processing binary trees. In most examples involving a binary tree LeetCode uses the TreeNode class for the nodes. The problem in the webinar did not make any reference to LeetCode, but I like to solve problems in sites that offer extensive tests. That way one can be relatively sure that the solution is bug free. Continue reading “Binary Tree Level Order Traversal in Java”

Java Collections List

It is a gloomy Tuesday in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It rained last night. It is quite damp. It is a typical fall day in this part of the country. The only difference is that in the past two years the lawns are green instead of being brown. I do not know for sure the cause for the climate change which is a very controversial topic, but for sure something is changing.

I am going to quickly cover some operations with Lists in Java. Will use lists on my next post. I need a refresher given that lately I have been working with C/C++ and after a few weeks (which in this case included a two week holiday) of not working with a programming language I tend to stumble with the syntax. It all gets back after a day or so of concentrating on the specific language. Continue reading “Java Collections List”