The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul is at a latitude of almost 45 degrees north. Towards the summer solstice which is in a week or so, the daylight lasts about 15.5 hours. The beauty in summer is that after work, you still have about 4 to 5 hours to enjoy the outdoors. In winter it is quite the opposite. I guess, there is no perfect place on earth.

At home, one of the gutters has a section that brings the rain water down. The section forms some type of a lazy step. My wife and I noticed a few days ago that a couple of birds decided to build their nest on the lazy step. Continue reading “Transformations”


In this post we continue exploring and experimenting with topics from the PluralSight course Building Image Processing Applications Using scikit-image by Janani Ravi. The topic for this post is Watershed.

In image processing, a watershed (image processing) is a transformation defined on a grayscale image. The name refers metaphorically to a geological watershed, or drainage divide, which separates adjacent drainage basins. The watershed transformation treats the image it operates upon like a topographic map, with the brightness of each point representing its height, and finds the lines that run along the tops of ridges. These lines are then used to segment the image into regions. Continue reading “Watershed”

Visual Studio Code Install on Linux

Finally summer 2020 has arrived. Today’s high is in the lower to mid 70s. Currently the sky is overcast. My wife and I prefer it sunny but the temperature is fine with me. My wife prefers hot and humid weather. Not everyone likes chocolate. We will probably keep the windows open all day. Living in Minnesota with long and cold winters, fresh air is always welcomed.

Yesterday we spoke over Jitsi with a couple of friends we both know since our teens. We have traveled abroad on several occasions with and without family. We were going to chat last Sunday (Father’s Day) but due to our schedules we postponed it until Monday. We found out that both have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are being treated as we speak. Their daughter, who lives with them, has not contracted the virus yet. They both looked tired so we limited our call to 20 minutes. Typically we go for a couple hours. Hopefully all will go well and they will have a short recovery! Continue reading “Visual Studio Code Install on Linux”