Simple Problems in Python

Last week I was reading a post on Medium “First Steps in Data Science with Python NumPy” by Kshitij Bajracharya.

What called my attention is his opening statement “I’ve read that the best way to learn something is to blog about it”. I believe Kshitij hit it right on. The reason I agree is that I have been a believer in “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein. Continue reading “Simple Problems in Python”

The Feynman Technique

I would like to open this post by mentioning that it is classified under the Computer Science category. In actuality, the technique applies to any time an individual wishes to learn something new, improve your understanding of a subject / topic or to prepare for an exam.

To give the technique validity, we first need to know who Richard Feynman was. Continue reading “The Feynman Technique”