Async and await in C#

When developing a software product or service, system architects need to decide to build or buy the pieces / components needed to develop and deploy the solution. I am stretching this well know strategy to a set of events in my personal life that occurred a month or two ago.

A few years my oldest son and I went to a barber shop once a month. The small place has two chairs. With time only one was being used. At some point the barber decided that he was about to retire. We had to look for an alternate place. Continue reading “Async and await in C#”

Symbolic Links on .NET

word_to_pdfI was talking with a colleague earlier today. A few days ago the requirements for a short project specified a service / application that would monitor an input folder (e.g., c:\temp\DocFolder) for *.doc (Word) files and generate in an output folder (e.g., c:\temp\PDFFolder) a *.pdf (Portable Document Format) version of the files. The application / server was implemented and tested. Continue reading “Symbolic Links on .NET”