The future of work: should your company invest in online corporate training?

The future of work: should your company invest in online corporate training?

The fact technology is eventually going to disrupt all industries is frightening for most companies. They must keep up with the evolving changes if they want to stay afloat.

Dell Technologies recently released a prediction that shook everyone. According to its report, 85% of future jobs in 2030 have not even been invented yet.

This affects students who feel they have an uncertain future, it affects workers who may think they’ll be replaced by robots, and it also impacts companies.

Now, it is even more crucial to train employees in the latest tech trends so they can perform according to the evolving changes in their industry.

Below are some reasons to consider online personnel training.

Why the future of your business depends on employee training

When it comes to employee training, everybody understands it is beneficial. Employees get career development and the company gets productive and efficient employees. However, the benefits of personnel training have increased.

Due to the rapid advance of technological disruption, employees must become lifelong learners. They must keep up with the changes and offer up-to-date services.

If you want your company to succeed in the coming years, your employees must receive proper training. This way, they’ll be able to generate good outcomes.

The risk of automation

When we think about the future of work, we may imagine an office full of robots and no humans. Although this is true to some point, automation will not only replace jobs but it’ll also generate others.

Artificial intelligence is disrupting the logistics industry with driverless cars. The role of drivers will probably be useless in the future. Chatbots have replaced most humans in customer service departments, and machine learning is influencing the role of digital animators.

However, behind all these technologies there are humans who develop the software, professionals who create innovative tools.

Therefore, it is crucial for your company to offer career development to your employees so they can become those innovative minds that create exceptional tools to improve your business. Spending money on personnel training is an investment that will generate amazing outcomes for your company.

Skill development makes employees happy

According to a recent StackOverflow survey, most developers prefer to work at companies that offer career development. Although most of them already have formal education, they still want to grow and learn new things.

Regardless of the career background your employees have, they still want to update their skills and expand their knowledge. So, corporate training does not only benefit you as the company owner, it also makes employees happy.

Online employee training

Once you’ve decided to get employee training, you probably consider hiring an on-site trainer to assist your employees and guide them through the process. Although this was something that used to be very helpful in the past, today, we have a more efficient option in online employee training.

Hiring an on-site trainer is expensive. You need to cover all travel expenses from the airplane ticket to accommodations. Besides, you also need to find a conference room and schedule it for the training process.

With online employee training, you don’t have to pay these expenses. You can simply hire a remote trainer and schedule a webinar for your employees. Online employee training is a less expensive alternative.

Rapid deployment of content

With on-site training, you need to print documents and manuals and prepare meetings for all members of the team. This takes time and effort and not all members will be available at the same time.

Therefore, it is usually pretty tedious to work with on-site training programs. However, with online corporate training, it’s as simple as creating a short video to explain the process to your employees. There’s a rapid deployment of content that allows employees to have the information almost immediately. It’s a great way to streamline all topics in one place.

Quick and convenient training updates

One of the best things about online employee training is that you can quickly update any type of information at any time. Since everybody is synced up with the cloud, they’ll get the update immediately after you change the content. If you compare this with the traditional training process, you’ll notice that online training is significantly more convenient.

With the traditional dynamic, you would have to print files and manuals and provide them to each member of the team. If you happen to change your policies, you would have to rewrite and print again all files. This is incredibly tedious and seems like a waste of time.

Access to the information whenever they want

When we’re taking a course we usually take notes of any relevant aspect that we hear so we don’t miss anything. Side notes could be very helpful at times, but they’re not perfect. And even though we consider ourselves to have a good memory, it’s still not as accurate as a video, for example.

That’s why online training programs could become a good alternative. Users have access to the information whenever they want, so in case they missed anything or they forgot a relevant fact, they could just find the content in the website.

Improved knowledge retention

One of the best aspects of online employee training is that employees learn through interactive content. It’s not the same to listen to a long on-site conference than learning through games and videos. This helps them improve knowledge retention and eventually they’ll be able to perform tasks even better.


If you’re worried about the future of work and how it’ll affect your company, the best thing to do is to be aware of the latest tech trends in your industry. This way, you’ll be able to train your employees with the most up-to-date skills in the market. It is a situation where both win, the employees and the company.

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