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I have been purchasing items from Amazon through the years. With two exceptions the experience so far has been very positive.

Years ago, my wife and I purchased via Amazon a Le Creuset pot for our son. The pot was made of ceramic. The pot arrived at our son’s residence chipped. When we learned about the issue, I checked on the Amazon web site and filled the form to return the item and get a reimbursement. We decided that a ceramic pot might not be a long lasting item. So far all was fine. Our daughter in law was going to return the item. Apparently she lost the slip and we had no way to prove that we had returned it to Amazon. We were not reimbursed for the purchase. Like I said, the issue was on our court.

Over the past decade or so, I have been purchasing books from Amazon. I get about eighteen technical books a year. In that time period I have not experienced an issue until about a week or so ago. The items ordered have always matched what was shipped and the delivery has always been on time and the books have always been properly packaged.

On this particular order I had two books. I believe they were scheduled to be delivered last Sunday. Like most people, I was not by the door all day until the package arrived. I saw the package in our mailbox early in the week. I noticed that only one of the books was included. I though the other one would be coming from a different vendor or was in back order. The following day I checked my email and I had received a message that both books had been delivered at the same time. Obviously that was not the case.

I checked the Amazon web site looking for a procedure to inform them that a book was missing. I could not find a link so I decided to go the return route. Of course, I had nothing to return because the book was missing. I added a note to the message for the return and hoped for the best.

Yesterday my wife and I went out to run errands. When we got back home, a package with the two books I had ordered had arrived. There was no email or SMS message indicating the delivery. I was amazed how fast Amazon figured out the issue and sent the missing book plus a second copy of the one that had previously arrived.

This morning I printed the return label to a memory stick. Will package the extra book and will drop it at the local UPS store to be returned.

I am surprised how smooth and fast the issue was resolved.

Thanks Amazon.com




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