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In general I tend to read only one book at a time. I fully understand that when you are in K-12 and later in college, you are obliged to read books for the different simultaneous courses that you are taking. Once people are done with formal training, most of us never read a book again. That is a shame. It seems that the rush in life does not give us time to read. When tired we just sit and want to be entertained by whatever is being showed on TV or at a theater. My wife and I prefer to sit down and chat. When we are not working and are not together, we both read books. About a year ago we stopped watching TV so we returned the cable boxes. Today we only have Internet access. That way, when someone recommends a movie, we are able to get it on-line. All our TV sets at home are equipped with Chromecast which makes it so easy to watch from pictures to movies.

I just finished reading a book on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and have to read a second one which I also got from Amazon. As I mentioned, I like to read one book at a time. That said; I purchased Building Microservices by Sam Newman published by O’Reilly. I read the preface and then could not resist and went ahead and read the first chapter. What I liked are a couple mentions to books that I own and have read. The first is Agile Software Development by Robert Martin. In specific the Single Responsibility Principle which in my opinion reminds me of UNIX. Decades ago I learned that one has to write methods, functions, utilities that do one and only one thing and do it well. That concept and pipes “|” allows user to harness the power of UNIX (now Linux) for whatever their needs are.

The second reference (still in the first chapter) comes from the No Silver Bullet essay in the seminal book “The Mythical Man-Month” by Frederick Brooks Jr. I have not only read the book a few times, but have purchased a copy of the first editions and then a copy form the 25th anniversary edition. Yes, software technologies and computers are constantly evolving and developing, but software is still written by humans and the issue that started at least 50 years ago, are still around. If you do not believe me, get a copy of the book, select a nice and cozy area at home, get a cup of your favorite beverage (no, I did not mean alcoholic beverage) and be ready to consume the entire book in a couple sittings. It is easy to read because it is a compilation of essays.

I have started reading Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation. This book has an entire chapter on photogrammetry. Will probably read a couple initial chapters and then finish with the one on photogrammetry. Then I will jump back to Building Microservices. When done, I have selected a new book that covers in detail photogrammetry.

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