More Emphasis on C++

As we all know change is always confronting us. A couple years ago I decided to put a lot more emphasis on polishing on my Java by reading, learning and refreshing concepts.  I will continue to do so but will relegate it to a second plane. For the next few months I will put emphasis on C++.

I have been working with C/C++ for many years. Have written a considerable amount of code in the form of application programming interfaces (APIs) in libraries, applications, services, and command line interfaces some of which I still enhance and support. Lately I have encountered several situations in which C/C++ seems to be faster to implement and execute than the counterpart when written in Java. I fully understand that both languages have their pros and cons. That said; I will be attempting to solve challenges first in C++ and then a second time in Java. I will attempt to time the final code and indicate execution time differences. That said; I will continue to develop code in Java.

On a completely separate note, yesterday my Windows machine received an update. The number of updates had dramatically slowed down since about the introduction of Windows 10. I believe users must be happy with this. After finishing my work day around 05:30 PM I shutdown my machine and allowed the update to be installed.

This morning I powered up my computer and only the main monitor came up. Shutdown the machine and checked the display connections and started for a second time. No joy. The second display did not come up. The machine only recognized a single display. I repeated the operation a second time power cycling the monitors, KVM switch, external drives and every device connected to my machine. It all worked.

Another thing that happened yesterday afternoon was associated with this web site. At some point I attempted to view a post but Chrome indicated the site was not available. I tried other sites and they all seemed to work. Asked GC if he could contact the hosting platform to determine and hopefully correct the issue. A few minutes after this blog became accessible.

Another change that I will implement moving forward is to remove my email address from the posts in this blog. If you are interested in the source code, would like to make some comments or provide suggestions, please use the form after the post. All forms need to be reviewed and approved before appearing.



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