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2-step-verificationI have been using Gmail for a long time. It works very well. I have accessed it from different countries. Love it. That said this morning I ran into an issue. I have run into similar issues in the past few months. Allow me to elaborate. I used to have a couple additional e-mail accounts hosted at Google with different domain names. When I bring up a new Chrome page and click on the Gmail link toward the top right side, it takes me to a SIGN IN page. This is something relatively new. When I click SIGN IN the email address that is displayed is one of the accounts that I no longer used. Today I tried to delete that email account. That is when hell broke loose. I am not able to log into my Gmail account at all. I am aware that I have received email messages due to people that have called my cell phone asking if I have received their message.

I tried to recover access to my Gmail account, but for security issues that will take a few days. It seems that one cannot be without email access for more than a few minutes. So what can I do?man_behind_bars

I decided to open a new account at On the signature I am posting my Gmail and my Zoho email accounts in case I run into access issues in the future. That said; I did not seem to find the emergency access codes that I received from Gmail some time ago. As soon as I have access to my Gmail account I will see if I can receive such codes and will put them in a safe location for future use.

If you have experienced being locked out your Gmail account please let me know what you have done to prevent this from happening again.

John (not working at this time :o( (monitoring at this time :o)

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