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indiana_bicentennialMy wife and I spent the past four days visiting my son in Indiana. It is always nice to get away from the routine to think and reflect on things. That said; I am happy returning home and back on my routine.

Over the long weekend I received some items I ordered from I received an AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub amazonbasics_7port_usb_hubwhich I have not opened yet. Will open the box and connect it to my Raspberry Pi next weekend. On a separate package I should also have received a SD card with the Raspberry OS. It must be with the mail that my neighbor collected while we were out of town. My wife will check with them later today.

algorithms_fourth_editionThe other item was a copy of Algorithms Fourth Edition by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne. A few post back I mentioned a statement that I found quite interesting and challenging. “50 algorithms that every programmer should know and its Java Source”. I want to make sure that I know and are proficient at least on those 50 algorithms. The other part that I found interesting is that the source code is available at the following URL: I have several books on the same topic but none uses the Java language. In the past few years I have become quite interested in it.

Enough said. Now that I believe I have all the required components, will spend a few hours next weekend putting together my Raspberry Pi. This weekend will write a new blog entry with my additional comments on the Dummies book and my initial experience with the actual Pi unit.leetcode_logo

Regarding the algorithms book, I am planning or reading and experimenting with one algorithm a day (7 days a week) until I finish reading it. I will post comments on this blog as I make progress with the book. I am very excited to see which algorithms I have missed and brush up on old friends. It is a fact of life that in most jobs you do not have a chance to be so broad. Most people focus on certain aspects of computer science.

topcoder_logoOne last thing, last week I was chatting with a colleague. He mentioned a couple interesting web site to polish and learn algorithms similar to HackerRank. These are:  LeetCode ( and Topcoder ( I am sure I will comment often on them.


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