Split Array Largest Sum

Hope you are doing well on this Friday. This morning my wife and I woke up with outside temperatures in the low 40’s F. I closed the window in the kitchen, set the thermostats to 68 F and started the furnace. This was the first time this season. The furnace ran for a few minutes heating downstairs. The rest of the day we warmed up with the oven and the sun that shined on and off. Beside next Monday and Tuesday that the high temperature will be in the low 70’s F, the high temperatures will be in the low 50’s and 60’s.

My wife woke up not feeling well. It seems that something she ate yesterday did not go well with her. As far as we can tell, both had the same meals. I am feeling well as usual. We were planning on getting a few grocery items this afternoon. We decided to go tomorrow instead.

This morning we spoke with our younger son. It seems that the plans for them visiting us next week have been scrapped. Hopefully we will have an opportunity in the near future to get together.

Spoke with my best friend earlier today. He got back home last Sunday. He was visiting her daughter in Canada. All is well with his family. His wife will be spending a couple more weeks and will return home after her daughter’s birthday. He had to get back earlier this week due to his work schedule. Continue reading “Split Array Largest Sum”

Divide Chocolate

Good day! Hope your workday has started on the right note. Currently in the USA we are observing the Daylight saving time which this year ends on Sunday, November 7, 2021. Today is Thursday October 14, 2021 so we have a little over one month for the time to get back to normal.

I see the positive sides of daylight savings time during summer. In my opinion, in the USA, daylight savings should start on Memorial Day and end on Labor Day. The reason for this is that schools and universities tend to be off during such period.

For college students it should not make much of a difference, but for K-12 students it does. Most children use public school buses to commute to school. Depending on the grade they attend, they may be picked up in the morning around 07:00 AM. I am always up before 06:00 AM. I am a morning person. After fixing breakfast I wake up my wife so we can have the first meal of the day together.

After we are done with breakfast, she helps me with the dishes. After rinsing the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher I shower, get dressed, and head down to my office to work on my first 2-hour block of the day. This includes weekends in which I work one or at most two blocks. On regular workdays I tend to do four to five blocks a day.

For the past week or two, when I head down to my office, the day is very dark, to the point that I have to turn on lights. It happens that when I am heading down is about 07:00 AM and I see kids that are already riding public school busses. They had to walk from home to the bus stop while it is quite dark. I thought that children were first in our society. It seems I am wrong. Go figure!

In the month that we have to wait before daylight savings ends, it will be dark close to 08:00 AM. So why is this happening? Well, the thought is that if the school day ends with some light, parents will be more prone to head out and grab a bite which is good for business. I guess children do not have much homework in these days. Things have changed since I attended K-12. Continue reading “Divide Chocolate”

Find N Unique Integers Sum up to Zero

The weather is slowly changing in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Days are getting shorter and the temperature is going down. Winter appears to be around the corner. That said; the vegetation in the area is not as dry as other years. Hopefully we will have a not so cold winter.

In addition, today is October 12th, the actual day that Christopher Columbus discovered America. The day was celebrated yesterday in the USA. Note that Christopher Columbus landed in what is today Central America and went south. He did not put a foot on North America.

I continue watching and experimenting with the contents of the on-line course on Python. I am currently in Lesson 4. In addition I am reading the associated book “Intro to Python for Computer Science and Data Science: Learning to Program with AI, Big Data and The Cloud 1st Edition” by Paul Deitel and Harvey Deitel. Continue reading “Find N Unique Integers Sum up to Zero”

Binary Tree Upside Down

Today is Sunday. As usual I woke up at 06:00 AM and it was dark. I decided to stay in bed for a few minutes before getting up and fixing breakfast for my wife and me. The next thing was waking up around 06:45 AM. The day was clearing some, but still dark enough to require artificial light. I understand that if you fall asleep after your alarm clock goes off, that it is an indication from your body that you need additional sleep. That said; I do not recall doing much yesterday. Go figure!

As usual, for breakfast I make espresso on our Bialetti 6-cup Moka pot. Growing up my parents owned several Moka pots of different capacities. Some were used on a daily basis and others when my parents entertained family and friends. With time my mother started using a drip pot. She liked to get the first few drops and add some hot water. It was almost impossible to drink it straight up. Continue reading “Binary Tree Upside Down”

Execute Binary Tree

Good morning to you! Hope your day has started on the right note. It is a cloudy Friday in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Hopefully the weather will improve during the day. Continue reading “Execute Binary Tree”

Merge Sort Revisited

Good morning! Hope your day has started on the right note. Yesterday was quite hectic for me. Hopefully the day will go as smooth as possible. Continue reading “Merge Sort Revisited”

Count Triplets

Good evening! It is a nice Tuesday evening in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. My work day is coming to an end and if possible would like to finish and publish this post. Let’s see how it goes.

The days are getting shorter as times goes by. One thing and the other and my wife and I decided to skip the midday walk today. Tomorrow is going to be quite busy for me. We should get back on our routine on Thursday.

I did not have enough time to finish this post yesterday so I will do so today!!!

Very early this morning I read an article in LinkedIn stating that Julio Velarde has accepted the position of Chairman of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru for a fourth 5-year term. I know Julio since we were kids while attending K-12 in the same class. After graduating from school each took separate directions. Julio went back to Peru after studying abroad and has been very successful at what he does. Julio, my best wishes in your current position!!!

On a separate note, I received and read an email message which reminded of my childhood and my mother drinking percolated coffee in the afternoons. She would start the process and will get the first drops of coffee out of the pot and after adding to it very hot water she would enjoy her coffee. We used to call it `ink` because it was a very dark cup of java. Continue reading “Count Triplets”

New Year Chaos

Good morning software developers and engineers. Hope your work week has started on the right note! After a few rather warm days, we are back to highs in the low 70’s F. Trees in this area are losing leaves. It is very typical for the season. This year it seems that fall has been delayed by a couple weeks.

My wife and I will have company for lunch. A family member is joining this afternoon. Due to the changes in weather my wife and I no longer walk in the mornings. We are walking around noon. The sun (if it shows its face today) is above us at that time. Having it on our face on our way back is no fun. In addition it seems that around 06:00 PM bugs like to be active.

We just lost Internet access. I reset the router but at no avail. My wife will call our provider to see if the problem is wide spread or specific to us. It is amazing how dependent on technology we have grown to be accustomed to.

It seems that this blog at this time has reached 9,434 subscribers. Thanks to all of you that have subscribed to it. Continue reading “New Year Chaos”

Tower of Hanoi

My end of the working day is coming to an end. Tomorrow is Friday! It has been a long week.

This week I spent some time refreshing and learning more about recursion. One of the problems is named Tower of Hanoi. Long time ago I received as a present a wooden board with three pegs and ten discs. If you check the link I just mentioned, on the top right corner in the Wikipedia article you can see a very similar board to play the game.

You can use the following article Program for Tower of Hanoi as inspiration on how to solve the problem.

Continue reading “Tower of Hanoi”

Direct Recursion

Good day software developers and software engineers. The forecast for today Thursday in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul calls for rain and thunderstorms. As usual the forecast changed at least a couple times in the past few days. Today the storm is forecasted for the evening hours. So far I have not heard thunder. I do not like to have my computers on during a thunderstorm. A couple times I have lost some equipment. Continue reading “Direct Recursion”