More than a List of Words

When indexing text based word frequency / relevance which may be applicable for web searches, one of the procedures used is to create a term frequency (tf) array followed by an inverse document frequency (idf) one. You can read more about this here.

In a previous post I experimented with some text in order to build hashmaps with the words of sentences (to keep things in perspective for a blog post). In that post I used a string that I copied from a course I took some years ago. The sting was already preprocessed. The text had already been stripped off punctuation marks. Continue reading “More than a List of Words”

Word Pattern

It seems to me that LeetCode ( has more complex challenges than HackerRank ( Their approach to testing the solutions is different. They not only test for correctness but they also check for execution time.

In the next few weeks will concentrate in solving challenges from LeetCode. I will also try to get to weekend competitions if they are relatively early in the day (I am a morning person).

If interested take a look at the requirements for this challenge using the following link: Continue reading “Word Pattern”