Java 1D Array (Part 2)

It has been one of those days. Yesterday morning I was working in my home office when some noise coming from the utilities room called my attention. A week or so ago, a contractor on behalf of the City of Apple Valley stopped by to replace the water meter. Apparently the new meters are able to send data for billing purposes. Two people came in. One was a trainee and the other was supervising the operation. They cut off the water supply inside the house, installed the new meter in the line, and  turned back on the water supply. All seemed well. I checked that evening and no leaks. All seemed well at the time.

Yesterday the sounds coming from the utility room seem to indicate something was dripping. I went and check and tater was coming from the connection that they made. We immediately called the City of Apple Valley. I took some pictures.  Two hours later a representative of the contractor and a Public Works Supervisor from the city showed up.

The issue was simple to fix. They shut off the water and inserted a plastic / rubber ring that was missing. They did find one or two rings in the area around the meter. Apparently it fell twice and the people that made the installation only noticed the ring falling out of place once. Continue reading “Java 1D Array (Part 2)”