Climbing the Leaderboard

I was going to say “What a week” but today is Sunday and in some calendars, the week starts today so technically last week is over.

Last Monday and Tuesday I had to deal with a water leakage issue generated by a new water meter installed by the city a couple weeks ago.

On Wednesday, our SUV popped the two right side tires in a set of potholes covered with water as I was entering Cedar Avenue also known as 77, on my way home from having an oil service at the dealership. Continue reading “Climbing the Leaderboard”

Sieve of Eratosthenes

It seems like my wife has a new doctor’s appointment towards the end of the day today. It has been a very hectic week. Hopefully we will be done with putting out fires soon. I enjoy waking up early morning and spending my time learning and working in two-hour blocks. Typically I get in 5 blocks on workdays and 2 to 3 on weekend days.

A few days ago I was solved a HackerRank challenge which dealt with prime numbers. I wrote a post but did not go into too many details. The approach I used was based on the Sieve of Eratosthenes. Continue reading “Sieve of Eratosthenes”

Prime Checker

I mentioned in a previous post that I experienced some water problems in my home office after the water meter was replaced at home. The contractor who did the update stopped by yesterday afternoon with a powerful fan to help the small amount of water that had leaked into my office dry up. This morning the humidity from the carpet was gone. He also mentioned that they will replace the four books that got damaged by water. I will call this afternoon to return the fan and inform them of the four books.

I randomly selected the Prime Checker challenge at HackerRank. Read the requirements and spent time working on a solution. When I was ready to give it a try, noticed that it would not allow me to enter my solution. In addition, it seems that the scaffolding code has an issue and a message indicates that you need to address it. Not sure what is going on. Have to skip it because I am not able to enter my code. Continue reading “Prime Checker”

Java 1D Array (Part 2)

It has been one of those days. Yesterday morning I was working in my home office when some noise coming from the utilities room called my attention. A week or so ago, a contractor on behalf of the City of Apple Valley stopped by to replace the water meter. Apparently the new meters are able to send data for billing purposes. Two people came in. One was a trainee and the other was supervising the operation. They cut off the water supply inside the house, installed the new meter in the line, and  turned back on the water supply. All seemed well. I checked that evening and no leaks. All seemed well at the time.

Yesterday the sounds coming from the utility room seem to indicate something was dripping. I went and check and tater was coming from the connection that they made. We immediately called the City of Apple Valley. I took some pictures.  Two hours later a representative of the contractor and a Public Works Supervisor from the city showed up.

The issue was simple to fix. They shut off the water and inserted a plastic / rubber ring that was missing. They did find one or two rings in the area around the meter. Apparently it fell twice and the people that made the installation only noticed the ring falling out of place once. Continue reading “Java 1D Array (Part 2)”

Picking Numbers

It was a beautiful Sunday in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It snowed until around 07:00 AM and the sun came up. We received around 7 inches of fresh snow. The snow was wet and heavy. The branches of trees were holding the heavy fresh snow. Several people walked on the parkway taking pictures. The outside temperature went up to the high 20s. Since the sun was shining the inside temperature at home got up to 72F. It felt quite nice given that we keep our thermostat at 68F. Continue reading “Picking Numbers”

Game of Thrones – I

It is almost time to complete the first 2-hour block of the day. I work using a technique called Deep Work. Today I got up at 05:00 AM and have been at it for about two hours. I believe I have enough time to complete this post.

I received an email message from HackerRank with the Game of Thrones – 1 challenge. The challenge is simple. We have to determine if a string of characters may be converted to a palindrome or not. Keep in mind that palindromes longer than one character are made up of pairs of characters. Continue reading “Game of Thrones – I”

Highest Value Palindrome

Woke up around 04:10 AM and decided to go back to sleep. Later I got up at 05:00 AM. Seems like another cold morning in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The skies were clear and it seems we have a full moon.

Yesterday I worked on the Highest Value Palindrome challenge at HackerRank. I was able to complete it but did not have time to generate a post. Hopefully it will be done in an hour or so. Continue reading “Highest Value Palindrome”

Mars Exploration

Last Friday I received a message on my Google Gmail account. I just read the first line without opening the message. The message required me to select a date and time for this week. I decided that due to the amount of messages that I receive everyday and that it was Friday afternoon, I would answer it first thing Monday (today).

This morning I looked for the message and I could not find it. I looked in the trash and deleted folders with the same result. I did a Google search to see if there is a feature in Gmail to send a message and if the receiver does not reply within a specified time period, you would be able to automatically delete it. I was not able to find such feature. Hopefully the person that sent it will be kind enough to resend when they do not receive a reply from me.

OK, let’s look at this HackerRank challenge. Moving forward will try to pick up problems with higher difficulty level. Continue reading “Mars Exploration”