About me …

Hello and welcome to this blog.

I am passionate when dealing with Computer Science subjects. Love to learn new algorithms, concept, tools, and techniques. My Amazon.com purchase history is riddled with technical books and courses. I am always on the look for opportunities to apply what I have learned. I am available for consulting or contracting.

In my professional career, I have worked as an employee and and contractor for small, medium and fortune 500 companies. Have started a few small companies.

I am a firm believer in structured software development (e.g., Agile, Extreme Programming (XP), Waterfall, etc) and management. Interactions with the development team and customers are extremely important for success. Enjoy working in environments with smart, dedicated and challenging people.

This blog deals mostly with Computer Science and software development items. The idea is to provide some light on the technical aspects of the work I do.

Hope you enjoy the blog (if you don’t; please let me know what could I do to improve).